School of American Law

School of American Law

The School of American Law (SAL) is an esteemed overseas program established by Chicago-Kent College of Law. Since 1998, it has been operating in Europe, and since 2012, it has expanded its presence to the Caucasus region. SAL’s primary objective is to provide equal access to modern legal education. It holds the distinction of being the first and only program in the entire Caucasus offering a guaranteed educational opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in Law (LL.M) at Chicago-Kent in Chicago, IL, USA.

In the Caucasus, the School of American Law operates in Tbilisi, Georgia. It offers a comprehensive two-semester pre-master program in Tbilisi, followed by a one-semester LL.M program in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Since 2012, thirteen accomplished lawyers from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan have successfully graduated from SAL Caucasus. They have become esteemed SAL Alumni and have been granted significant scholarships to complete their master’s degrees at Chicago-Kent.

The School of American Law for Caucasus serves as a gateway for aspiring legal professionals in the region, providing them with unparalleled educational opportunities and paving the way for their successful careers in law.

About SAL

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Program Description

The School of American Law (SAL) comprises two interconnected components: a pre-master program in Tbilisi, Georgia, and a master’s degree program in Law (LL.M) at Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago, IL, USA. Upon graduating from the pre-master program in Georgia, students become eligible to complete their LL.M. degree in one semester at Chicago-Kent with a significant scholarship. The two-semester pre-master program is taught by experienced full-time or adjunct professors from Chicago-Kent, offering intensive sessions covering ten courses and totaling 100-120 credit hours.

SAL’s pre-master program provides instruction in various modern legal disciplines, including Electronic Commerce, Competition, Cyber and Intellectual Property Law, Introduction to American Legal System, Business Organizations, Online Contracting, Antitrust Law, International Business Transactions, Comparative Advertising & Marketing Law, Commercial Law, Privacy & Data Protection Law, Patent Law, and International Criminal Law. Graduates of the pre-master program at SAL Caucasus enjoy several competitive advantages, such as guaranteed admission to Chicago-Kent College of Law with a minimum GPA of 2.7 and a significant scholarship for their LL.M. studies. They can complete their LL.M. in just one semester instead of the usual two, allowing them to continue their professional pursuits uninterrupted.

Furthermore, SAL Caucasus program graduates benefit from a reduced tuition fee of $10,000 for the current academic year, compared to the regular tuition fee of $44,000. The program, including enrollment, lectures, mentoring, grading, exam evaluation, curricula, and study materials, is exclusively developed by professors from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Successful completion of the program guarantees a TOEFL waiver, and graduates have the flexibility to retain their place in the LL.M. program for up to three years, enabling them to choose the most convenient period to pursue their studies at Chicago-Kent.

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